Clay Aiken – On Stage Three Times!

The  2010 American Music Awards were broadcast live on ABC Sunday evening,  The program was full of epic stage productions.

Justin Bieber was the big winner of the night.  The 16-year-old pop star came away with the awards for breakthrough artist, pop/rock artist and artist of the year. He was the youngest performer in the history of the AMAs to win artist of the year. Bieber also performed during the broadcast, accompanying himself on the piano.

The American Music Awards, known as the AMAs, are given to top performers throughout the music industry on an annual basis. Awards are given in the Pop/Rock, Country, Rap/Hip-Hop, Soul/R&B, Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Latin, Soundtracks and Contemporary Inspirational genres of music. In addition to the awards in each of the genres, an Artist of the Year is named from all groups combined.

The awards are voted on by fans but the nominees are chosen by their presence on Big Champagne’s Ultimate Chart. Artists are ranked on the chart as a result of their music sales combined with their presence on the radio and television, Internet streaming, and their involvement with the public through social media.  In 2007, Dick Clark Productions, who leads the event, moved to a fan based voting system which is conducted through online voting through the ABC website.

Dick Clark started the American Music Awards in 1973.  Michael Jackson co-hosted the first event with Donny Osmond. Roberta Flack won the first award given in 1973.

Clay Aiken has attended and participated in the AMA’s three times.  On November 16, 2003, Clay played a large role in the show.  He arrived on the Red Carpet with his friend Amber Nix and was nominated for two awards, Favorite Male Artist and Fan Choice.  Clay won the Fan Choice Award.  Clay also performed on the program.  Clay sang a short version of Invisible and was then joined by Ruben Studdard for an outstanding rendition of Jesus Is Love.  They received a standing ovation.

On November 11, 2004. Clay was a presenter on the program.  He was joined on stage by Kathy Griffin who was dressed as a bride.  She announced to the audience that she was going to marry Clay.  Despite the distraction, Clay was able to present the award for the Best Male Country Artist.

Clay hit the Red Carpet one more time at the AMA’s.  In 2006, Clay participated in a skit with Tori Spelling.  The two made fun of Clay’s tiff with Kelly Ripa and received lots of laughs and applause.

I have to admit that the only times I have watched the show are the three times that Clay Aiken was a part of the show.  I am not a huge fan of popular music and so the shows are just not my cup of tea!

The following video is fun.  Clay was amazing when he sang at the AMA’s.

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – On Stage Three Times!

  1. As much as I hated watching last night, they did have a section of previous AMA shows and they showed the clip of Clay and KG. That was the highpoint of the night. Loved reading about his appearances and hope and pray we get more in the future.

  2. Loved watching "Jesus Is Love" again. That one note Clay held was amazing. Ruben and Clay sounded so good together.

    I watched a bit of it last night, but I really can't take it. I am not a fan of the current music. Smoke and mirrors.. One day Clay will be on again, to receive another award I'm sure.


  3. I also watched the AMA last night here in Indonesia, listened to some singers as I didn't watch them all. Some famous singers (dont want to mention who) had a 'so-so' voice for a 'so-so' song (may be not my type of songs)… far away from Clay's voice & his ability to guard the pitch of the song, regardles the type of the song.
    I also wish he will be on again someday ….it feels different watching him on my tv screen vs on my laptop screen…Miss him so much on TV 🙁 (lucky I have his T&T tour DVD so I still can see him anytime on my TV screen … ;D)

    ***Puteri from Jakarta, Indonesia

  4. Refuse to watch these so called Music Award Shows. But, I was glad to hear that Clay was shown. That is always good PR for him. I have to agree Clay and Ruben singing "Jesus Is Love" was a great performance.

  5. I have avoided the AMA like the plague when Clay isnt on them. But, last night I forced myself to watch it. It was like watching a circus, I guess smoke and mirrors is a good description. I was happy and surprised to see a short clip of Clay and KG.

  6. Have watched the AMAs only three times also–when Clay was on. Loved seeing the "Jesus is Love" clip. He has more talent in his baby finger than any of last night's winners.

  7. i watched the amas when clay and ruben sang jeasus is love ilove that song and clays last singing note at the end was amazing and the one note that clay sang that was amazing also

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