Clay Aiken – Listed As Executive Producer

On November 28, 2006, Clay Aiken released a studio EP titled All Is Well.  Originally released as an exclusive recording for Wal-Mart, the popular album finally became available on iTunes in December of 2007.

There are four songs on the All Is Well EP.  The Playlist is:

  1. All Is Well
  2. Christmas Waltz
  3. O Come O Come Emmanuel
  4. My Grown-Up Christmas List

Clay Aiken is listed, along with Jaymes Foster as an Executive Producer of the EP.  All Is Well debuted at #54 on the Billboard Comprehensive Albums chart. This is unusual as it is unusual for an EP disc to chart or to have its sales tracked.

The title song, All Is Well, was written by Michael W. Smith and recorded for his album Michael W Smith Christmas in 1989.  Because it was a popular song, Smith included the song on 2 more of his albums.

Michael W. Smith has released 22 albums and ten books and has received many awards, including Dove awards and Grammy awards.  Smith is currently on a Christmas tour and will be performing another tour called 2Friends with Amy Grant in early 2011.

Clay Aiken was the featured musical guest on the Capital One Holiday Celebration on Ice in 2007.  The show was televised on Christmas Day and Clay sang songs from his albums Merry Christmas With Love and All Is Well.

Todd Eldredge is a former World Champion and 4-time U.S. Champion.  He chose All Is Well for his skating performance for the Celebration on Ice show.  For many in the audience, the performance of the two artists was the highlight of the show.  Eldredge also used Clay’s recording of this song for his Rockefeller Center performance for the Today Show.

The following video is from the Christmas broadcast of the Capital One Holiday on Ice.  I was lucky enough to be in Las Vegas for the recording of this show?  Were you there too?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Listed As Executive Producer

  1. All is Well is such a great cd and Clay singing the AIW is amazing.

    I saw the skating program and it was great! Thanks for the video. 🙂

  2. I loved watching that again….Great performance by Clay and Todd….Wonderful. I wasn't at the show, but I remember waiting and watching at home….

    Clay has said that All Is Well, is a very hard song to sing, but he does it beautifully. I wish more people could hear this magnificent song….

  3. No, I was not able to go to the taping….but, I made sure I watched it on Christmas Day. We were cooking daughter and I…and while the ham was cooking…we were watching this Capitol One Skating Show. It was a lovely show..and I enjoyed it very much. That reminds me..I have to go listen to the All Is Well EP right now.

  4. What a treat to watch this performance again. I can't imagine anyone else singing AIW other than Clay Aiken. He sings his heart out with this song. Thanks CANN for letting us relive the moment again.

  5. I loved watching that. All Is Well is one of my favorite Clay Christmas songs. It is just amazing how good he sounds and is!

  6. Yes, I was at the Holiday taping and Clay was outstanding. It was such a thrill when we all gave him and Todd a very exuberant standing ovation.

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