Clay Aiken – 45 Visits on The Insider

Have you ever watched the television show, The Insider?  Considered a news program that has become tabloid television, The Insider covers the news, celebrities and events in the entertainment field.

Clay Aiken has been a frequent visitor to The Insider.  According to what I have found, Clay has been featured on the show 45 times.  The show appeared to like Clay and it seemed that Clay enjoyed talking to Pat O’Brien, the original host of the show.  Lara Spencer also interviewed Clay when he was in New York.

The following pictures are only a few of the available pictures of Clay when he was on The Insider.  Do you remember any of these visits?

The Insider always supported Clay when he traveled for UNICEF.

 On January 4, 2005,  Clay was featured as he talked about how we all could help Indonesia.

On April 5, 2005, The Insider covered Clay’s trip to Indonesia

The Insider visited Clay backstage at the Joyful Noise Tour on October 31, 2005

SMILE…On August 21, 2006 The Insider featured the ATDW photo shoot.  They showed many great shots of the photographer and Clay.

Look at some of the screen cap messages from The Insider

These are only a few of the pictures from The Insider.  I am certainly glad that they enjoyed having Clay on their program.  Those pictures are so much fun to see!!  Which one is your favorite?


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 45 Visits on The Insider

  1. I love the last picture. I think Clay looked so handsome with his hair like that. But they are all great pictures. 🙂

  2. I didn't realize that Clay was on "The Insider" that many times…that is amazing. The format was so different years ago, and preferred it. I haven't seen that show in years. They changed up the format, and I've never thought about it, but where did Pat O'Brien go? Did he retire? The last time I saw the show, it was just gossip, and not good stuff, so decided at that point, not to waste any time on it. But I loved seeing the screencaps of Clay again. I love them all. He is such a great guest on these shows. He is just fun and as we all know..he loves to talk…which is great.

  3. 45 times? I had no idea he had appeared on the insider that many times. But I don't count, I just watch. LOL

  4. I love the photo from JNT05 where Clay is laughing – I kind of like it when he laughs (just a little). Cannot wait for Clay to grace my TV screen again! Or a venue somewhat within relatively quick flying distance! or or or or…… whatevah, I just need to see and hear the man 😉

  5. omg clay aiken was on the insidwer 45 times wow ilike the picture where clay ais laughing ilike the way he laughes

  6. I really like the last picture best. It's just the way I like to see him. Clean shaven, nicely styled hair, great smile, and spiffy wardrobe. Best part – it was taken at the 2006 AMA, the day Clay had Tori Spelling spoof the Ripa incident (hand over mouth). It was hilarious. He's quite the cut up..

  7. I miss seeing the Clay mentions on TV like the ones you wrote about above. We need some exciting Clay news to get him back on the entertainment news programs like the Insider. I can't pick a favorite screen shot since I really like many of them.

  8. I really love the Clay "laughing' pic – I remember the very second tour – seeing him in Cleveland –
    and at some point just throwing his head back and letting out that deep wonderful hardy laugh!
    Saw it many times after and thinking that guy has the greatest laugh ever. Just one of the great
    endearing things that make you really love him. I also love all of the pics and didn't realize that
    I have watched him 45 times on the "Insider" ! 🙂

  9. Wow! Hard to believe he was on the Insider 45 times. But, I do remember he actually worked as a kind of a reporter for them for a while. I even remember him interviewing some of the people on Dancing With The Stars back when it first came on. I love the picture #6 from the bottom. That was a video of him getting his hair dryed and he was talking away. Every time I saw it I almost died..he was so gorgeous. I also love the one where he is laughing. He is a fascinating man. Got to see him again out there on the Stage.

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