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After last weekends broadcast of Celebrity Apprentice, the news, the speculation and the insults continue.  Did you read these articles?

From Television Blend:

Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings:  Lou Hulks Up In The Boardroom

This site ranked each contestant.  The following is what they said about Clay Aiken:

#11) Clay Aiken (16): Clay Aiken has been fairly effective thus far this season. He gets plenty of screen time each episode, due to his singing skills and his energetic presence. This week, he jumped around with a tambourine, he sang to get the crowd pumped up during the challenge, and he kept the men’s team on track to ensure the lighting and sound guys got the right cues. Clay Aiken knows what he has and how to make use of his own skills. However, he does not always fully understand his teammates personalities or what skills those teammates possess. Expect him to stick around for a while as the helpful dude with some good ideas, but do not be surprised if a run at project manager ends up being a disaster for Aiken.

Hmmmm!!  I don’t think these people know much about Clay!  You can read the entire article at  TVBlend

Digital Spy wrote a review of the entire episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  It was somewhat accurate, but had little to say about Clay.  This is all I found in the article:

Penn – who narrates with George Takei – admits the whole piece doesn’t really have a plot, it’s more to highlight the celebrity team.

Their idea is two knights – Lou Ferrigno aka Sir Lou of Hope and Paul Teutul aka Sir Paul, The Orange County Senior – jousting over the hand of a beautiful maiden (played by Dee Snider in drag) who is accompanied by her trusty sidekick Clay Aiken, who introduces her by singing. Sir Lou ends up winning but when he sees his prize up close opts to kill himself rather than kiss her.

The men seem to work well together during rehearsals, with the only real mishap being Snider breaking his finger, however instead of going to the hospital he soldiers on with the show.

The entire article can be read at DigitalSpy

The, from Clay’s hometown of Raleigh, wrote am interesting article about Celebrity Apprentice.

Lampanelli Goes Mid-Evil on Gotti

Our homeboy Clay Aiken was at the center of some of the early drama, as his tambourine shaking during rehearsal spooked a horse, which threw Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider. Snider’s finger snapped at the base and will require surgery to repair.

But Dee wasn’t mad, even when Clay danced by after the accident singing, “She broke a nail, how that sucks.” Dee, who was dressed as a woman at the time, shouted: “No, finger! FINGER!” So Clay sang, “She broke a finger, damn that’s worse!” Clay didn’t realize at first that Dee’s finger was broken, or how bad it was.

An aside: Here’s the crazy thing about this challenge (to me) as far as Clay is concerned. The teams had to put on a show at Medieval Times and Clay has actually starred on Broadway in Spamalot — and no one ever mentioned that! At least not as far as I caught. If I’m wrong, I’m confident some Clay fans will not hesitate to correct me. But from the beginning, I expected Penn to give Clay a larger role in the show. I do realize Penn needed to spread the attention around and I can’t argue with how he ran the show, because his team won. But if I’m Penn and I’m handed a Medieval show, I look around and see Clay and I use the heck out of that.

-Clay wrote the script for his team’s show, and he brought the hammer down on George Takei when his reading of the script fouled up the cues for lighting folks. Takei finally agreed to just read the script and not try to “perform” it.

-We got to see Clay’s claws come out a little. As the men sat safely in another room watching the women fight for survival via a TV monitor, Clay psychoanalyzed Aubrey O’Day. Clay said Aubrey was “so insecure, I don’t think she likes not being the prettiest one on the cast.” Arsenio: “Are you saying Dayana is prettier than Aubrey?” Clay (laughing): “I’m saying Victoria is prettier than Aubrey.” Snap. (NOTE: As soon as that aired on TV last night, Clay tweeted this: “I have a lot of respect for @AubreyODay Showed my ass 2nite by saying something stupid 2 try 2 get laugh. I love Aubrey and apologize!”)

It’s nice to finally see the News-Observer write something nice about Clay!  To read the entire article visit NewsObserver.

From NBC/Celebrity Apprentice:  Pick a celebrity and download a message for your phone:  Clay’s message is cute…some of the others…well, maybe heir fans will find them interesting.  Clay’s voice for free…not a  bad thing. You can hear the messages at  NBCCelebrity published an article titled:  American Idol’s All-Time Top 24

This article has placed Clay Aiken in 5th place.  This is the write-up about Clay:

Clay Aiken

Album Sales: 4,997,000
Track Sales: 610,000
Radio Plays: 201,000
YouTube Plays: 664,445
Clay Aiken may have lost to Ruben Studdard in 2003, but he’s still the season two favorite in the minds of many longtime “Idol” fans — and he has the sales and a No. 1 single to prove it. With a stint on Broadway’s “Spamalot” and five Top-10 albums under his belt (plus one reportedly on the way), Aiken has had his time to shine. His Claymates will be the first to tell you that.
The entire list can be seen at Billboard

It is interesting to see the different topics that Billboard uses to rank the Idols.  Perhaps we all need to click into Clay’s Vevo page and play a few of his official YouTubes.  It’s fun to see the videos and it certainly helps Clay.

So… what do you think?  Are you enjoying all the news about Clay?  Who do you think are 1-4 on the Billboard list?



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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tambourine Player!

  1. The 2nd episode of CA was so entertaining, not just because of all drama that the female team made up but mostly thank to Clay's performance: Beautiful up-closed shots, dramatic and funny and smart comments, the broken-finger and the "ahhhh" song. I enjoyed every single minute.
    He was super star with Spamalot, but this is a team game so everyone should just get equal piece of pie due to their forte and no doubt Clay is best known for being a singer more than anything else, so he sang, i couldn't ask for more.

  2. I’m lovin reading all the Clay/celebrity Apprentice press. I hope Clay can take it to the finals. Can’t wait for this Sunday’s episode. 🙂

  3. I am so loving CA! The men's group is doing amazingly well. Very impressed with Clay! He's been very well behaved (most of the time)…I love that Clay is gentleman enough that when he does eat his size 13 foot, he offers apology. Very humble and incredibly handsome.
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the articles 🙂

  4. Sorry that there wasn't more of Clay singing on C.A., but James Lipton said Clay sang very well. Looking forward to the week when Clay is the leader of the men's challenge. Thanks for posting all the sites that had articles about C.A. & Clay.

  5. Dang, I thought I was going to come over and see Tambourine playing Clay from Timeless Tour LOL!!! I disagree with "However, he does not always fully understand his teammates personalities or what skills those teammates possess." I believe Clay completely understands his teammates and he seems to be the one who pulls them back on task (probably the teacher in him). The men's team is doing well because they have stayed on task, in large part thanks to Clay.

  6. I agree with everything you said Sue…thank you.
    Thanks Musicfan for your blog…I'm catching up, and I did love the 2nd episode. Clay just cracked me up when he was singing, and didn't realize that Dee broke his finger……I felt bad for Dee, but I can't help it…Clay didn't realize Dee was hurt, and kept the show going…..

  7. I am really enjoying CA. I think the Medieval Show was the best so far. I, too, thought it was funny when Clay started dancing around when Dee actually broke his finger. Clay looked so funny singing that Broken Finger nail song. I also agree with SueReu that Clay had a lot to do with that episode. Heck he is the one they all listen to. Of course, what else would you expect from these so-called journalists they have now-a-days! LOL!

  8. Definitely fun seeing all these very positive articles. Clay is doing well on CApp. Wish him continued luck.

  9. It's great having Clay's name in the media so much now thanks to Celebrity Apprentice. Thanks for updating us with all the latest mentions.

  10. Loving Celebrity Apprentice and watching Clay Aiken in full teacher mode. You really can see his school training come out. I have a feeling it will serve him well in the weeks to come. And as there are fewer and fewer contestants (and hopefully Clay is among them), the spotlight will shine on each one of them for a longer period of time.

  11. Thanks again for a great newsletter — I agree with all above, ha, enjoyed the show a whole lot this week and thought the men did great, glad Clay explained he didn't know Dee was hurt, and especially glad that he apologized to Aubrey.
    I only wish we'd gotten to see the entire men's show and hear the whole of Clay's Greensleeves!!

  12. Well, I have watched the second episode twice, and I am sure Clay knows who the players are and understands them completely.
    I bet Clay feels so bad about Dee's finger. Dee is being really good natured about it.
    "My fingers" are crossed that Clay makes it several more weeks. It is great seeing him on TV weekly.

  13. I am enjoying all the articles about Clay and CA. It is wonderful to see him on television once a week.
    I don't have any special things to do on a leap year although I do know one person whose birthday is today. I've always felt she kind of got short changed but she usually celebrates on March 1.
    I don't agree with the Billboard article since I really listen to only Clay from AI.
    Thanks for all the information in your article today. It is hard to keep up with all the articles coming out now and I am loving reading them all.

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