Clay Aiken – A Circulating Story!

Rumor:  a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth

Yes…here we go again!  Clay Aiken is currently in the middle of a tale of speculation.  Is it true?  Is it false?  Well no one knows, but the press is sure pushing the gossip!

The word on the street is that American Idol will be asking former Idols to be the new judges for next year, and…Clay Aiken is on the short list!!

The following are some of the press that is creating the “buzz”.


American Idol: Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and More Alums Being Considered as New Judges

by Kristin Dos Santos and Jenna Mullins

Where does American Idol go now after a lackluster season? Back to the beginning of course!

Sources confirm to us that Idol wants to bring back former winners and contestants as judges for season 13. No deals are final, but we hear that original Idol Kelly Clarkson and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson are on board for next year.

Fox is also chasing runner-ups Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert to fill the final slot, as Idol will go back to a three-judge format after dumping current panelists Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.  Veteran judge Randy Jackson exclusively revealed his exit to us earlier this month.

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Report: American Idol Mulling All-Alumni Judges’ Panel — Crazy-Good or Just Crazy?

…Still, while there’s certainly some #Pow to the rumors that Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken have all been approached about taking over the chairs most recently occupied by Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey, I can’t shake the fear that this sounds more like a gimmicky quick fix to Idol‘s declining health rather than a deeper examinatination of what’s truly ailing the franchise. (We should also bear in mind that, at this early stage, everything about Season 13 — short of the fact that Randy won’t be back — is speculative.)…
* The majority of Idol grads are inarguably talented vocalists, lending immediate credibility to their critiques.
* Lambert and Aiken, in particular, have reputations for amusingly unchecked candor — a quality that’s been sadly lacking in most Idol judges
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Former ‘Idol’ contestants might judge next season’s ‘American Idol’
by Laurel Brown
Could taking a novel approach to the judges’ table be what saves“American Idol” in its ratings descent? According to rumors, that bringing back former stars — like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson — is being considered by the show and studio for Season 13…
…This new reported plan, however, might bring in the fans without breaking the bank. Vulture published an article in which it cited sources who had heard that the former-contestant plan was a distinct possibility. According to these sources, the names mentioned include Clarkson, Hudson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken…
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Fox Is Considering a Plan to Have Former American Idols Judge Next Season
By Josef Adalian
There’s a very real chance the next American Idol will be judged by a panel of former American Idols. As Fox and the production companies behind the struggling (yet still high-rated) singing show ponder changes for the 2014 edition, two people with knowledge of the situation tell Vulture that serious consideration is being given to the idea of filling one, and very possibly all, of the slots on the show’s judging panel with former Idol contestants. These sources say Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson have already been approached about the idea, and that the names of Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are also under discussion. (Alas, Justin Guarini does not seem to be on the short list.)…
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15 ‘American Idol’ judges we’d like to see

As “American Idol‘s”  ratings have dipped to record lows this season, it’s clear that the singing competition needs to shake it up and the best place to start is with the judges. Randy Jackson has already said he won’t be back, but it’s expected that most or all of the rest of the panel could be leaving with him. Here’s a look at a few judges we’d like see at the table. We cast a wide net, expanding beyond singers. Hey, if Heidi Klum can judge “America’s Got Talent,” why can’t a non-singer judge “American Idol?”…

Clay Aiken

Isn’t it about time that a former contestant come back as a judge? Aiken is very likable and funny, yet he has a bit if an edge in that he’s not afraid to speak his mind.  He also has the perspective of someone who has been in their shoes and can empathize with the contestants since he’s been there.  Additionally, he will bring all the Claymates back to the yard.

– Melinda Newman

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Los Angeles Times

Ex-‘American Idol’ contestants may return next season as judges

By Meredith Blak

It’s just like the old saying goes: What’s good for Clay Aiken isn’t always good for Nicki Minaj…

…Notable alumni said to be under consideration include Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken (sorry, Bo Bice fans)…

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By the time you read this, there may be many more articles.  Keep an eye out for them!!

Do you think American Idol will actually ask Clay to join the judging team?

Do you think Clay should say YES?


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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Circulating Story!

  1. Wow, there sure is a lot smoke if there wasn’t at least a little truth to the story. I’m torn on whether Clay should be a judge or not. He would be fantastic and I would love to see him every week but I’m not sure if anyone can save the show. There are too many singing shows out there and AI has been labeled over. I guess we”ll just see what happens.

  2. Well we all know he would be a fantastic judge. He's done it before! Great articles musicfan! The combo Clarkson/Aiken would be a great team. They are funny, witty and both have a good relationship. They actually LIKE each other, unlike the panel on AI this past season.

    • I agree totally with you Gaymarie, Clay and Kelly would make fantastic judges! Keeping my fingers crossed that Clay will be picked as well as Kelly, also, I 've heard Clay once say that he would accept it if he were asked.

  3. Will American Idol actually ask Clay to be a judge on their show? NO! But if they did, it would be an OMG double hell freeze over….. Should he accept the job? Sure! If he accepts, then he obviously is willing to give it a go. Of course, we all know that he would be more than great doing it.

  4. I have mixed thoughts on this. I believe Clay would be a great judge. He could be honest and provide great constructive criticism for the contestants without the caustic attitude of Simon. I would love to see him on TV each week. But , I also think AI is on the downslide and I think it is time to let the series end.

  5. If American Idol wants Great Ratings they know Clay Aiken needs to Appear, and I Hope Clay Says YES, THE WORLD KNOWS CLAY HAS THE FAN BASE AND WE ALL RESPECT HIS OPINION!!!!!! CLAY KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING AND WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!
    I do not believe that American Idol is done as long as there are People With A VOICE!!!!! Now the talk about adding Adam Lambert, I Like Adam but I not sure this is the right place for him!! I can see Adam appearing as a Guest Judge for a week but not any longer than that!!!

  6. YES<YES. It would keep him in the public eye, just like CA did. Everyone thought he was great and should have won. More people will get to see Clay and see what we fans see and why we are still here after 10yrs.

  7. Of course we'd love to see Clay each week. He'd be a great judge and would offer honest critiques.
    However, I'd hate to see him waste his time and talent on a show that is dying. I don't want him to come in 2nd ever again! I agree with kta.

  8. Rickie Lieberman
    What about Ruben Studder? I didn't see his name on the list. And, no Justin Gurini! I think he should have won season 1.Why isn't he considered?
    But, Clay should be at the top of the list. There's no one like Clay Aiken!!!!!!

  9. i think clay aiken should say yes to this how amazing it will be if clay aiken said yes to being a judge and kelly what an amazing idol judge panel that wold be oh and mabe adam can be a guest judge for a week ialso like adam lambert i will be heart broken if clay says no


  11. Part of me thinks that the show has jumped the shark and doesn’t really have much of a future left. Having said that, bringing old Idols as judges seems like an interesting idea.

    I think Kelly, Clay and Ruben would be a great fit. Clay has a great (funny and cordial yet a little competitive) chemistry with both. Ruben and Clay play off each other so well. They were hilarious during their tour. I know nothing about Jennifer’s personality so I can’t tell how good would she’d be interacting with other judges and contestants. What I do know is that they need someone whose ego is not so enormous that it would overshadow everything (I’m looking at you, Nicki Minaj).

    If Adam was chosen with Clay together, I think either the producers or the press (or both) would try to stir up a feud like they did with Mariah and Nicki, and we all know how helpful that was for the show. Simon argued with Paula, but he always had her back. There was no real animosity there. I loved Adam on the show (and didn’t agree with Clay’s assessment of his performance of Ring of Fire) but Adam’s comment about letting Clay ride the coattails of his fame shows me that he takes himself a little too seriously and might be too much of a diva for it to work. I hope they learned something from Nicki Minaj’s example. Then again, it’s AI producers, so I’m not holding my breath.

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