Clay Aiken – Building Relationships

It was exciting on Monday when the Internet was filled with many articles about Clay Aiken and his bid for the Democratic nomination for Congress in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.

Through twitter, we learned that on Sunday night, Senator Eric Mansfield was kind enough to open up his home for Clay to meet with veterans to discuss pressing issues.

Sunday night Clay met with General Rodney O. Anderson & others to discuss veterans issues.


On Monday, Twitter let us know that Clay was busy meeting with citizens of District 2

Forward Americans: Grateful to @clayaiken @ClayForNC who took time to speak with & listen to a few Wake Co. constituents in #NC02 today

Forward Americans: Great small roundtable with Clay discussing issues for #NC02. Thank you @clayaiken @ClayForNC, already working hard!

Forward Americans ‏@ForwardAmerican Wake Co. to Randolph Co. in #NC02 today, go @ClayForNC!

There were also some new articles about Clay too!

The Courier – Tribune – Crisco, Aiken take questions at meeting in Asheboro

At a Meet the Candidate meeting in Asheboro Monday, Feb. 17, 2014, Keith Crisco and Clay Aiken take questions at the Asheboro Public Library in front of about 50 people. Both are Democratic candidates trying to unseat Renee Ellmers in the U.S. House of Representatives District 2 race. (PJ Ward-Brown / The Courier-Tribune) –

Roughly 50 Randolph County Democrats polled two candidates in the U.S. House of Representatives District 2 race Monday at the Asheboro Public Library. Keith Crisco, Asheboro businessman and resident, and Clay Aiken, singer and former American Idol contestant, both want to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers. But they have to get through the May 6 primary first.

The candidates were on hand to answer questions at the monthly meeting of the Randolph County Democrats meeting. Local Democratic chair Jim Meredith said Crisco regularly attends the local meetings. He said Aiken called to request time to meet with members. Toni Morris of Fayetteville is also a Democratic candidate for the seat; however, she had a conflicting engagement and could not attend…

…Asked what they could do about gridlock in Washington, Crisco said he has working relationships already with people in Congress. He said he has had 40 years of building relationships through his involvement in industry and state government. He said he could work with people of diverse opinions and is best suited to “hit the ground running.”

Aiken quipped it wouldn’t take him 40 years to build relationships, adding he can work with others toward common goals…

The article By J.D. Walker has a lot of information about the meeting.  You can read the entire article at Courier Tribune


The Columbia Chronicle – Aiken Not Invisible Anymore

American celebrities have influence over popular opinion: They endorse products, support political candidates and even run for political office. Sometimes they have enough clout to win, as in the case of Ronald Reagan, who won the 1980 presidential election against incumbent Jimmy Carter. So with the recent announcement of “American Idol” Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken’s bid for Congress, the ridicule should be tempered with serious consideration…

…The politically aware should not snort with derision at Aiken, though. Despite his rise to stardom via “American Idol,” Aiken has a number of very real qualifications, such as working with UNICEF and being appointed to a special education commission by former President George W. Bush. He has also taught special education in North Carolina for several years, and despite his celebrity status, he is aware of the issues that affect the state. Instead of criticizing politicians as many do, Aiken has decided to do something about it…

…Raleigh residents should give Aiken a chance in the upcoming election—he may be the first step to action in a gridlocked Congress.

This interesting article was written by Elizabeth Earl at Columbia College in Chicago.  You can read the entire article at Columbia Chronicle

It is exciting to see Clay Aiken, the political candidate.  He and his team are busy each day building excitement for Clay’s goal of being the voice for those who need it.  I hope that Clay is enjoying each day…I certainly enjoy reading about his campaign.

Are you following Clay’s run for Congress ?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Building Relationships

  1. I definitely am. With work etc it is sometimes hard to make sure I catch everything, so I love how you round up all the daily events in one blog.

  2. Love hearing all the news about Clay, he's very dedicated to whatever he persues, I wish him all the best and God bless him. Thanks Musicfan

  3. Yes, I am, and enjoying the excitement he is bringing with him! He seems to be making a big
    splash and I wish him well. Love all of the articles and pictures!!!

  4. Absolutely following ClayforNC closely and learning about US politics along the way. Clay's got a great start to the campaign, he really is doing this the right way. Very proud fan. 🙂

  5. Love reading what Clay is up to in his run. I should be posting more often, but I am reading.

    As always, thanks Musicfan for all your hard work bringing this all together. It is appreciated.

  6. Looking forward to your daily posts about ClayforNC. I don't always have the time to check all of the sites to keep in touch, so appreciate CANN. Hope the folks in the 2nd district can appreciate what Clay can do for them, and send him on to Congress.

  7. Clay’s good-natured sense of humor is one of his greatest assets. I had to laugh out loud when Keith Crisco said he already has formed working relationships with people in Congress over the past 40 years, and Clay responded that it wouldn’t take him 40 years to build his relationships! I think this is why he is laughing in the photo. Way to go, Clay!!!

  8. Hi Martha,

    I don't know what happened but I stopped receiving my CANN email. I know I didn't unsubscribe so I don't know what happened. It's a busy time for us all, trying to keep up with Clay's hectic schedule. I'd love to get back on the mailing list. One news feed I can't do without!

    Thanks for all you do.

    • I don't know why you stopped getting the e-mails, but I will put you back on the list. If there is still a problem, let me know! Don't expect anything until Friday.

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