Clay Aiken – Shaking Up The Race!

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Talking About PoliticsYes, Clay Aiken

Your first reaction was probably the same as mine. Clay Aiken? The singer? For Congress?
Then I met him.  He’s the same person you meet in his announcement video.  He’s smart, serious and genuine. He clearly has thought deeply about policy matters. He has a unique voice that is a breath of fresh air in a polluted political climate. And he has a genuine empathy for people that he has demonstrated as a YMCA counselor, a special education teacher, a foundation leader and a UNICEF representative overseas.
He’s kind of like Opie Taylor would have turned out if he’d had a big voice. Except he’s tougher than he looks.
Republicans predictably pushed the rewind button on their political mud machine. The haters and the homophobes crept out of their Internet cellars. Have at it. Aiken’s campaign feeds off their fuel – and the public’s disgust with it.
For Democrats, there’s a choice between competing theories of the race.
Keith Crisco’s theory is that he can peel off Republican voters in Randolph County. He says he did it when he ran for county commissioner in 1992. He lost, but he ran ahead of Governor Hunt and President Clinton.
Aiken’s theory is that he can mobilize a new wave of new and young voters. He can inject new energy, reshape the electorate and shake up the race.
There is a new generation of voters – and leaders – rising in North Carolina. They are idealistic and driven to make a difference. They are connected and engaged. If Democrats win them now, they can win with them for a long time to come.
The question for Democrats is which path is right for the future. Which helps Kay Hagan most this year and helps candidates for governor and President in two years. I think the answer is obvious. That’s why I’m for Clay.

What a great article by Gary Pearce  I hope you will visit the site and give them hits. That is important.  To visit the site, Click on YES CLAY – Saunders: Are there more Claymates or Renee-mates in District 2?

…Should he win the Democratic primary for North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, Aiken’s potential election opponent could be even more formidable, considering that she would have both the advantage of incumbency and a district that was tailored to her beliefs – whatever they are.

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers lacks the girth and singing range of Studdard and the celebrity wattage of Hall, but she has been in office for one term. And figures from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics show that in 2012, 90 percent of congressional incumbents were re-elected. The good news for Aiken is that that’s down from 2004, though, when 99 percent were re-elected.

Still, Ellmers undeniably appears worried that Clay may be a worthy opponent. She was, as he proudly pointed out, attacking him even when his candidacy was still a rumor.

As soon as it became official, Ellmers spokeswoman Jessica Wood took to email to call Aiken “a performer whose political views more closely resemble those of San Francisco than Sanford.”

C’mon, Jessica. That’s not even a dog-whistle: that’s a full-on “sic ’em, boy.”

Perhaps Wood can enlighten the electorate on what people in San Francisco want that people in Sanford don’t.

Oh, I get it: Clay is gay and San Francisco is hailed – and yes, demonized – for its acceptance of gay culture. Hmmm. Is Wood insinuating that there are no gays in Sanford?

I know at least one, and he’s a great guy…

…I’ve also spent time in Sanford, and the desires and aspirations of the residents of both cities seemed indistinguishable – jobs, affordable housing, a responsive government that works. The dude has barely dipped his toe into the political pool and already Ellmers’ camp is trying to separate the country into “them” vs. “us.”

Oy. Maybe Renee does, as Wood said, “best represent the values of the voters in the 2nd District and remains focused on fighting for their families.” If her opening re-election salvo is an attack on a political novice, though, one might conclude that she hasn’t been fighting for families as effectively as she should have been.

What Rep. Ellmers has done is vote 40 times to defund Obamacare. Had she fought for jobs for her constituents with that same ferocity and earnestness, no one would dare even enter the race against her…

…Regardless of Aiken’s stand on the issues, his willingness to forgo the cushy life of a beloved celeb and get personally involved in politics is encouraging. Arsenio, Clay’s “Celebrity Apprentice” nemesis, tweeted his encouragement Wednesday: “Run Clay run!!!” Ruben, his “Idol” opponent, tweeted, “Please support my friend @clayaiken.”

Ellmers will have ample time to go after Aiken’s record, his lifestyle or anything she wants. For now, though, the statesmanlike thing to do would be to welcome him to the race and say she looks forward to debating him on the issues.

Tee-hee. I forgot for a second who I was talking about…

You can read the entire article by  BARRY SAUNDERS at news observer

There is so much more…I will post more info later!  And, don’t forget the videos under the new tab!!


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  1. Outstanding Musicfan123!!! You do such

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    What great articles on Clay. He has so much passion for what

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    Penn J’s tweets!!!!! I have missed some videos, so thanks

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  2. I should have come here sooner–have been going nuts trying not to miss any articles or interviews.
    Thanks so much for this.
    What an exciting time this is–so proud of Clay.
    He was meant for this.

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