Clay Aiken – “The Real Standout!”

I am writing this blog as I watch the Finale of American Idol.  I am on the west coast so I am seeing this much later than many of you.

There is SO much news to report that I will not be using my words to critique the show.  I just will find pictures, reviews, and information about Clay Aiken.

Besides broadcasting a periscope from his car, Clay tweeted a lot Thursday night.  I really liked these:

We are pretty much the grandparents and dusty artifacts here at this ‪#‎idolfinale‬ but I don’t think we’ve aged a bit. In fact, @iamkimberleylocke and @realrubenstuddard , I think we look better! ‪#‎idolfarewell‬ ‪#‎losangeles‬

If you like me, you have this guy to thank. If you hate me, you have this guy to blame. @patrickmlynn was the first producer to put me through to the next round on @americanidol … 14 years ago. Thanks Paddy!

Although the broadcast is only halfway over in the west, the reviews of the show are already available. I am just keeping to “Clay Aiken” reviews!! The following are a few that I liked:

US Weekly

‘American Idol’ Series Finale Recap: Final Winner Revealed!

But aside from a bunch of old-school judges getting their cry on, former Idol contestants like Fantasia, Justin Guarini (of critically acclaimed movie From Justin to Kelly), Jennifer Hudson, Scotty McCreery, Kathryn McPhee, Pia Toscano and Carrie Underwood performed… the real standout was aspiring politician Clay Aiken…

To see the entire article, click HERE 

The Boston Globe

Trent Harmon crowned winner in the final ‘American Idol’

…And it was just exactly the right approach for the finale. Rather than bringing in outside pop stars to celebrate, “Idol” stayed exclusively with its homegrown talent, enabling longtime viewers to sink into nostalgia as the faces just kept coming: Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, and LaToya London singing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” Clay Aiken singing “Annie’s Song,” Jordin Sparks and Justin Guarini singing “No Air.”…   Entire article

There are so many pictures that I will post them and then tomorrow I will write more about reviews and articles!!

The following picture was tweeted by Randy Jackson:

Backstage with @RubenStuddard @clayaiken @KimberleyLocke #IdolFinale

Clay sang beautifully in this video of the section he was in:

When the American Finale was over, Clay rushed to the Los Angeles studios of CNN and talked with host, John Vause,  about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  The conversation took place on both CNN-International and CNN-USA.

You can see a video of Clay’s conversation on CNN


There are lots more pictures and information about the Finale.

I will post some more later today!!

I do suggest that you visit Clay’s Facebook page.

 He wrote a short, but beautiful blog about winning, friendships, and American Idol!



Did you watch the finale??

I hope you will check back later in the day for a update on the Finale news!

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  1. Like so many others, I cried when I heard Clay sing! I miss that voice! The finale was great and love seeing the other idols up on that stage! Especially, Clay and Ruben! Such memories!

  2. Thanks for all the info, pics and links
    Nigel did a fantastic job of putting that together. It was magical showcasing the voices. When you have talent you don't need all the other stuff.
    Clays' song and the harmonizing behind Ruben and Jessica was mesmerising and then right into politics.

  3. I recorded the show last night because I was out. Just watched it and was so happy to see Clay's performance. He is looking very good and still has the voice we all fell in love with. I really appreciated you giving us the CNN interview after the AI 15 finale. Clay can wear many hats well.

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