Clay Aiken – Different Hats & Different Tasks

Clay Aiken is a man of many hats.  No, I don’t mean his infamous bucket hat or his fedora.  I mean he is able to do many different tasks and do them all well.

A great example of this happened on May 9, 2008.  Clay appeared in the 4th hour of the Today Show and was interviewed by Kathie Lee Gifford.  Then, because of the devastating cyclone that hit Myanmar, Clay was called into the MSNBC studios for a quick interview about how UNICEF was handling the care for the country and its people.

Clay’s chat with Kathie Lee Gifford was excellent, but much too short.  They chatted about Clay’s adventures on Broadway, but the main focus of the interview was “On My Way Here,” Clays new CD.

Clay told Kathie that his favorite song on the CD was “As Long As We’re Here” including the story about meeting Jaymes and the fact that they both chose the song.
As usual, American Idol was brought up and Clay said how grateful he was for his start on AI. Clay compared the early contestants to today’s group.  Clay stated that when he was on AI, the contestants were honing their skills while today’s contestants already have their skills ready.

After answering a few audience questions, Clay ended his interview at NBC……..and then promptly entered the MSNBC studio.

Clay spoke about the devastation in Myanmar on behalf of UNICEF. Clay wanted everyone to know that UNICEF was actually on the ground there working and would continue to do so. Donations to UNICEF will be used correctly because they are right there. Clay was careful to explain that he could not speak to the politics, and would only state that UNICEF was on the ground and working.

On May 3, 2008, Cyclone Nargis devastated the country of Myanmar when winds of up to 135 mph touched land in the densely populated, rice-farming delta in the country. Reports estimated that more than 200,000 people were dead or missing from Cyclone Nargis.  Damages totaled to 10 billion dollars; it was the worst natural disaster in Burmese history.

Yet in the critical days following this disaster, Burma’s isolationist regime complicated recovery efforts by delaying the entry of  United Nations planes delivering medicine, food, and other supplies into the Southeast Asian nation. The government’s failure to permit entry for large-scale international relief efforts was described by the United Nations as “unprecedented.”

Clay was articulate, well-informed and did an excellent job of representing UNICEF.  He is, indeed, a man of many hats.

The following video shows Clay speaking about Myanmar.


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Different Hats & Different Tasks

  1. It’s always great to hear and remember just how much Clay has done in so many ways to help others. It upsets me when people complain about him not singing more – but at this time his interests are in different places. I, too love his singing but he did a lot of that for many years, too! Now is the time for him to do what he feels is calling to him. I appreciate whatever he chooses – now is his time – he gave us a lot for a long time and is still giving to some degree. He is a very smart guy and I trust his decisions on whatever he feels is right.

    Thank you for the pics and video – I hadn’t watched it in a long time!

    • God gave him that voice, He really is loosing out on what God has for him. He said he loved to be on stage and sing. Clay said the most joyous thing in life is sing. He is not through. Some things have taken his creativity away. No negative conversations. If all he does in life is soothe some ones spirit with a song, then let him do that Clay's ability his talent goes beyond a political podcast. I listen to Clay on whatever he does. Clay has gifts he has not tapped into.. His voice and his talents are his strength don't ever undervalue them

  2. I’m so proud of Clay. This is his goal in life: to help those in need and speak for those who need a voice. Thank you, CANN for the pictures and especially the video!

  3. im very proud of clay this sure is his goal in life I also listen to clay clay does indeed have gifts that he really has not taped to that amazing voice he has talents that are his strength

  4. Cyclone Nargis was devastating to Myanmar and Clay stepped up the make us aware of UNICEF's help in the area. Today we all are facing another devastation…covid-19. Hopefully, we can all do what is asked of us to save lives right here in America.

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