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It’s happening again!

It seems like every time American Idol starts a new season, there are many rumors and suggestions about who should be the judges.  Often times, they mention Clay Aiken.  Actually, it’s somewhat fun, but usually the press and the fans are way off base as to the results.  Most times, the show makes no changes or they hire people that no one ever imagined would be added to the show!

With the announcement this week that ABC will be rebooting American Idol, the press and blogs are all over with polls and speculation about who will be playing important roles in the show.

The following are a few of the hundreds of mentions.  I will not copy the entire article, but will try and get the info about Clay and I will always give you the link so you can read the entire article if you wish!

Los Angeles Times

‘American Idol’ will return, but this time on ABC

Apparently, you can’t keep a good singing competition down.

Ending days of rumors and speculation, ABC announced Monday morning on “Good Morning America” that it has struck a deal to bring “American Idol” back for the 2017-18 season, which is not far removed from the end of its 15-season run on Fox last year.

“’American Idol’ is a pop-culture staple that left the air too soon,” said ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey. “We are thrilled viewers will once again share in these inspiring stories of people realizing their dreams.”

“American Idol” premiered on Fox in 2002 and grew to become a ratings machine for the network, which rode its popularity to a No. 1 ranking among viewers aged 18 to 49. At the height of its popularity, the series dominated television with an average of roughly 30 million viewers a week, earning the nickname “the Death Star” from rival programmers. The show also made household names of contestants such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken and served as a career launching pad for many others, including Katharine McPhee, Fantasia Barrino and Lauren Alaina….





‘American Idol’ Wish List: What We Want to See When It Returns In 2018

by Fred Bronson

Calls are already going out to former American Idol production staff members to join the reboot, due on ABC in March 2018, so it’s not too early to express our wishes about what we’d like to see in this new version, though we are cautioned by something Gene Roddenberry told a producer brought in to work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. “Star Trek isn’t broken,” the series creator told the new hire. “So don’t try to fix it.”

There are many things about Idol that shouldn’t be “fixed,” but there’s always room for improvement. Looking back at Idol history, many changes were implemented over the 15-season run on Fox, with each season having its own distinct stamp….

….THE CONTESTANTS: We’ve always believed that Idol rises and falls on the shoulders of the contestants. The series found a lot of amazing talent over 15 years. Some seasons were better than others, and when we think of the standout years, they were stellar because of the casting of the show. Give us a talent roster as great as Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken and Kimberley Locke or Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice and Vonzell Solomon or David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado or Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey, and we’ll be happy….




Is Kelly Clarkson Becoming an ‘American Idol’ Judge?

Earlier this week, it was revealed that “American Idol” is returning to TV next year!

Rumors are swirling that ABC is eyeing former winner Kelly Clarkson as a judge on the show. TMZ reports that there is “serious interest” in Clarkson, whose team is reportedly opening up her schedule for the show.

“American Idol” alum Clay Aiken recently shared his thoughts on if he would consider a judging gig if offered one. He told Salon, “I don’t anticipate a call. If you’re going down the list of ‘Idol’ contestants, who should be a judge, I’m not at the bottom of it, but I would say there is two or three — Kelly, Carrie [Underwood], Jennifer Hudson, maybe Chris Daughtry, who are a little bit higher on the list. If they make it down to number five, call me up!” Watch!

(The Salon Video is linked to their site)

The site also reported that “American Idol” will be shooting the audition episodes in Florida and California, instead of going from city to city like the original show.

Ryan Seacrest has also been commenting on the rumors that he could return to the show as its host. He shared on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”on Monday, “I had said at the end of the series, ‘Good-bye for now,’ hoping somewhere it would come back. I had no idea it was being talked about to come here until late last week I heard a rumor in the news and made a phone call, and they said, ‘Yeah, it may actually end up here.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s kind of good to know since I work here.’ So what I do know is, apparently it’s unofficial but very close to being said it will be here. I don’t know if I can host it…”

The format of the show is still unclear, but what is known is it will be coming to ABC.


There are so many other articles…good, bad, and “odd”, but they are fun!  They range from People to The Christian Gazette.  I am sure there will be more and it will be interesting to see who American Idol finally picks for their “reboot”.


Clay Aiken posted the following tweet on Wednesday:

No crying wolf this time! @paulapoundstone makes us all happy. Coming up in a few on #SalonTalks Gonna over to watch 

Ah…the lost interview by Clay with Paula Poundstone is found.  Salon posted it Wednesday morning!

As the interviewer, Clay asked Paula Poundstone about her new book on searching for human happiness. She had a lot to say and Clay allowed her to answer and did not interrupt. It was obvious from Clay’s questions and comments that he had read her book.

Her book is about things that can make you happy and fulfilled.  She mentioned connecting with people, exercise, good nutrition, enough sleep and disconnecting from electronics.

If you missed seeing the the interview, Clay put it on his Facebook page.  It certainly is worth seeing.



So…do you think you will watch the American Idol – Reboot?


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In The News!

  1. I may watch Idol, but it depends on the show's presentation of its judges and the contestants! Hoping that Clay is part of the show would be the icing on the cake!

  2. I will only watch American Idol reboot if the amazing and wonderful Clay Aiken is hosting or judgeing. He’s the main reason why his seasons show was number one. Yesterday’s videos were so wonderful. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Clay. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. Luck be with you

  3. Yes I will watch it, no matter what! Icing would certainly be Clay on it as a judge!! I watched it through all the seasons it was on!

  4. yes i will watch americian idol reboot no matter what im hoping that clay wil be on the reboot as a judge or the host i will keepmy fingers crossed good luck clay

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