Clay Aiken – And Your Favorites Are…..

A BIG Thank you to all of you who participated in the Song Poll this week.  It was fun to see some names I didn’t recognize.  I hope you will comment again!!

I found the results of the poll to be very interesting.  Of course, this is just a small group of fans that voted, but it still showed a trend.  So…here we go!!

Measure of A Man

Every song from this album received votes.  This Is The Night received the least votes.

10 points – The Way

8 points – Measure of A Man

6 points – Touch

5 points – I Survived You

Merry Christmas With Love

Four songs received no votes

18 points – Mary, Did You Know

13 points – Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day

8 points – O Holy Night

A Thousand Different Ways

This was very close…there didn’t seem to be a huge favorite from this album.

7 points – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

6 points – A Thousand Days

5 points – Because You Loved Me

5 points – Here You Come Again

5 points – Broken Wings

On My Way Here

The only song without any vote was Weight of The World.

9 points – Something About Us

8 points – Everything I Don’t Need

4 points – Ashes, As Long As We’re Here, Sacrificial Love

Tried & True

Every song received at least one point…but this wasn’t even close!!

24 points – Unchained Melody

7 points – Suspicious Minds

5 points – It’s Impossible

There were lots of comments that mentioned All Is Well and wanted to vote for it.  Also, Lover All Alone received votes for two albums…if you put them together; people seem to really enjoy it!!

Are the results surprising to you?  Did any of your favorites win??

Thanks again for participating.  I think this was fun!!

 A quick apology for the Wednesday Blog.   I need to proof-read a little better.  I did know that August 24th was not Clay’s birthday…I just didn’t write it clearly.  I did change it when I checked in the morning!!


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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – And Your Favorites Are…..

  1. I really enjoyed participating in the poll……alright then, all of my favorites were in the second or third place of all the voter choices. Guess that makes me a middle of the road kind of music lover. Actually, I truly love all the songs Clay sings, seeing as how he has the most beautiful and spectacular *golden voice*. Any style he decides to sing becomes my style to love and enjoy.
    Final analysis – all of the songs that Clay sings are winners! Thanks for the enlightening and fun poll.

  2. That was a lot of fun. Yes, I had 3 that were picked as the favorite:
    MOAM: "Measure Of A Man."
    MCWL: "Mary Did You Know"
    OMWH: "Something About Us"

    That was very hard to do..pick favorites from these my favorite varies from day to day. All I know is….I love Clay Aiken!!!

  3. You know, I can't argue with the results even if mine weren't voted number one. All of Clay's songs are fantastic so you can't really go wrong. 🙂

  4. I don't think I got any right, but they were in the running. It is always difficult to pick just one. I've always said it…Clay is the only singer/artist/performer, that I can listen to a whole CD, and like every one of the songs on it. There is not one song that I would skip over. Of course there are some I like better than others, but there has never been one that I don't like. That is amazing, cause I have followed some big name performers over the years..and Clay is the only one that does that to me. Not sure if it is the music, or the fact that I just love his voice. Even covers, are better sung by Clay. It truly is amazing.

  5. I didn't try to do this; as Judy says, I can't pick just one favorite, even per album; what I could do, maybe, is pick one or two per album I don't like quite as much as the rest, lol. I guess I should have put in a vote for When You Say You Love Me, tho, love it and I saw a couple of fans had listed it as a MoaM fave so I'm surprised it's not mentioned??? Also, I'm amazed that Lover All Alone didn't come out on top — I'm sorry now I didn't vote for it, imho one of the most beautiful songs ever (tho a bit too sad), and the way he uses his voice is mesmerizing; a difficult song to sing and he just flows with it as smoothly as water rippling…

  6. It was hard to pick, but several of my top choices won:
    The Way, Mary Did You Know, and Unchained Melody.
    I don't think I've ever heard him sing a song that I didn't want to hear again.
    Gosh, I miss him. Thank heavens for my iPod and you tube and Clack and CANN!!

  7. I kinda knew that ATDW did not have a clear favorite. That album didn’t do much for me. I really loved the special downloads and extra songs from some of his albums-It’s in Every One of Us was my favorite out of those. I was listening to classic Soul Ballads today and I pictured Clay singing every single one. He actually sang some either during the Jukebox tour ’05 or during the Timeless tour with Ruben.

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